CNC Milling

Our 43,000 sq. foot facility runs 3 shifts which means we're available to you, 120 hrs a week. Our 30 CNC Vertical Milling Machines run close to 150 hrs a week.

We specialize in tight tolerances and detail machining. We've served customers in the Military, Automotive, Nuclear, and Medical industries. Quest Industries is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

We produce more than 300 injection & rubber mold tools a year. Our equipment capabilities are scaled to match most tool sizes. For or our table size and capabilities SEE OUR EQUIPMENT LIST BELOW. Our skilled CNC operators and advanced equipment allow us to work in parallel with molds and keep our processing in house.

CNC Milling Equipment List;

  • New Equipment (1) Makino a61nx - 730mmX x 650(730)mmY x 800mmZ travel, 14000rpm spindle, 133 Tool ATC
  • (4) Tree VMC 500 - 20"X x 20"Y x 20"Z travel, 25 HP / 40 Taper, PC-2100 Control
  • (3) Tree VMC 750 - 30"X x 20"Y x 20"Z travel, 25 HP / 40 Taper, PC-2100 Control, 4th Axis
  • (2) Tree VMC 4024 - 40"X x 24"Y x 24"Z travel, 30 HP / 40 Taper, PC-2100 Control
  • (1) ZPS 65"X x32"Y x 32"Z travel, 35 HP / 50 Taper, PC-2100 Control, Coolant Thru Spindle
  • (1) HAAS VF-3APC VMC (2006) 40"X x 20"Y x 25"Z travel, 20 HP / 40 Taper, Coolant Thru Spindle
  • (2) HAAS VF-6/40 VMC (2005 & 2008) 64"X x 32"Y x 30"Z travel, 4th Axis, 30 HP
  • (1) HAAS VF8/40 VMC (2012) 60"X x 40"Y x 30"Z travel, 4th Axis, 30 HP
  • (2) HAAS VF9/40 VMC (2007 & 2013) 84"X x 40"Y x 30"Z travel, 30 HP, Coolant Thru Spindle
  • (1) Doosan DNM400 VMC (2008) 25"X x 17"Y x 20"Z travel, 20 HP, 8000 RPM
  • (2) Doosan DNM650 Heavy-Duty VMC (2010) 50"X x 26.3"Y x 24.6"Z travel, 20 HP. 12,000 RPM
  • (2) Doosan 4020L VMC (2008) 40"X x 20"Y x 24.5"Z travel, 20 HP, 12,000 RPM
  • (1) Makino F5 VMC (2010) 35.6X x 19.7"Y x 17.7"Z travel, 20 HP/40 Taper, 20k RPM, Accuracy: +/-.000060" pos, +/-.000040" repeatability
  • (1) Haas EC-1600 Horizontal CNC Boring Mill (2014) 64"X x 50"Y x 32"Z travel, 30 HP / 50 Taper, 10,000 RPM, 50 Tool ATC, 1k psi CTS

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